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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation implementing Neural-Fuzzy (Neural Network + Fuzzy Logic) Technique simulated in JAVA Network Simulator

Year: 2001
Programming Language: Java
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This system was built in order to fulfill my final year research project at University Of Malaya.
General Concepts:
A Neural-Fuzzy model was created in order to predict the next incoming bandwidth in ATM network which contain of several parties and intelligent allocate a suitable bandwidth according to each party usage pattern. The objective is to reduce the drop rate in switch buffer and maximize the usage of the outgoing bandwidth.
Neural network play the role in predicting the next incoming pattern from different parties. The fuzzy logic plays the role in evaluating the pre-set user rules and assigned intelligently the suitable bandwidth.

You may download and refer to the report for further details of this project.

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