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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Simulation ADALINE with TDL Neural Network model

Year: 2001
Programming Language: Java
Source Code: Email the author:
Application For Test: Refer to ADALINE TDL Neural Network Simulation In CSharp (C#)
This simulation is built to test the Neural Network model in predicting complex non-linear system. Amazingly, it works!


  1. Initial a x value. (t=0). By inputting the x value into the NN model to produce the predicted y value.
  2. The author actually generate a 2D (x,y) coordinate using a complex equations (joining some 2sin(x) + 3cos(x), ….).
  3. Obviously the y value will give a wrong value because the NN model have not been trained.
So, the system is going to teach the NN model using the actual y value generated in step 2 and repeat step 1 again for the x value in next time step (t=1).

By performing this teaching mechanism to the neural network, you will observe that when simulation run longer (t>20k), the NN model actually can have a quite good prediction of y value by the given x values.

No difficult steps need to perform in order to set up and run this simulation. Please have a try. You will notice that the more iteration of the simulation runs, the error rate reduced.

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