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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Printer Troubleshoot Expert System

Year: 2000
Programming Language: Java
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Expert – a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area. Time is needed for a person to become an expert in a particular domain. If an expert does not pass his or her expertise to others, the knowledge might lose forever. When people talk about expert, the first thing that comes in mind is some bombastic profession such as doctor, scientist and maybe engineer. Even most of these professional can be consider as expert in their field, there do have other expert. As an example, a cook who can prepare very good curry can be considered as an expert in making curry. An expert system will try to encode the expertise into its own knowledgebase. With this knowledge, an expert system is capable to perform as an expert in a particular domain.

In this project, an expert system in printer troubleshooting will be built. This expert system is capable in diagnose a printer problem and providing a solution base on the found problem. Another advance feature of this expert system is that it is capable of processing natural language. A user needs only to input the problem description in natural language and the expert system will try to understand the problem and derive a solution for it.

To obtain the needed information for building the expert system, we will try to gain the needed data by conducting an interview with an expert in printer troubleshooting. Beside that, we will try to acquire the information for the Internet and other source such as computer magazine. In this project, Java will be used to develop the whole expert system. This includes the knowledge representation for the expertise and inference engine of the expert system.

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