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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

AI 8-puzzle (8 Puzzle) solver

Year: 2002
Programming Language: MS. Visual C++ Ver 6.0
Source Code : Core code shared here
Application For Test: Download
Full Working Application Project Source Code / 8-Puzzle solver implemented in C#, you can email

System allow user to input 8-puzzle question and solve it using various AI methods. The AI methods that are chosen are basically commonly used to solve the puzzle problem. Fundamental of AI solutions is actually let the computer generate the solutions space and search it using some heuristic mechanism. AI Algorithm which can minimize the solutions space and has the fastest search mechanism will eventually become the best method.
The methods explored and implemented are: Blind Breath-First Search, h=Sum(step tiles from origin), h=Num. of Title not in place, Manhattan Distance Heuristic and A* Searching Algo (A Star Algorithm). Blind search is actually the worse algoritm in this scenario while the A* algorithm is the best. You may test it using this system by observing the time unit that the computer use, the exposed solutions and the solution steps obtained by different algo.


Tezi said...

This is great. Thanks

Ahyeek said...

More C++ code shared at You can visit there to know more about the code.