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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Window Backup Utilities

Year: 2002
Programming Language: Visual C++ Ver 6.0
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This application actually let user to search files located in their computer with several of criteria. Some of the criteria such as: a file is created earlier than, later than specified date or between 2 specified dates, the archive bit is set or unset; the file size is larger than or smaller than specified size. Users can have their interested criteria to be combined together using “AND” or “OR” condition. The system will intelligently construct a SQL search statement to show what the criteria are that the user has been chosen.

The list of the files that meet the search criteria will be listed in a list box. By using drag and drop method, user actually can drag the files that they want to back up to the back up list box located below the search list box. By specifying the backup destination, user can have their selected backup file to be copied to the defined location.

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