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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Graphics Encryption Communication System (GCCS)

Year: 2000
Programming Language: Java
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Have you ever think to encrypt your graphics during you sent your pictures over the network? The system named GCCS is actually a prototype that built to make this scenario reality!

The scenario:
1. Initially, at server site need to generate a pair of public key and private key and save it as meaningful name, eg. PubKey_[PersonName].key, PriKey_[PersonName].key.
2. Then, the public key actually can be distributed to the party that wants to sent drawing message to you via an unsecured network.
3. For the party that wants to sent message to you (at the client site), he/she need to choose the public key to encrypt the message before sent to you (the server site).
4. After the encryption process complete, user may click on the "send" button for the drawing information to transmit via any unsecure network.
Screen below show the data transmission process happen at client site and the data receiving process at server side.
5. After you have received the encrypted message, you actually need to choose the corresponding private key in order to get the message decrypted.

The functionalities:
  1. The server program actually can provide you to generate various number of key, such as 4, 8, … , 128 characters. The more characters for the key, system need more time to perform the encryption and decryption process.
  2. The client program provides some basic functionality for drawing a message before send.
  3. User friendly GUI to ease users to use this prototype.
That is really a wonderful encryption and decryption system written in JAVA. It also implemented using client server architecture. Please have a try!

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