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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Simple Family Relation System

Year: 2000
Programming Language: Visual Prolog 5.1
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Another assignment proposed during University Malaya, the AI course. In this course, students are requested to produce a family relationship application using Visual Prolog 5.1. Within a month, the author study the VP and trying to create that. It’s actually a very interesting programming language and total AI-based. Using various techniques of AI methods and concepts, the system is built with various functionalities, such as the system is able to tell the user the relationship between any members that has been chosen.

Furthermore, by right click on any member, the system will tell the information of the chosen family member, such as how many children he/she has, even how many daughter or son. If the user chooses to display a family member where he is actually a grandfather, then the system is able to show how many grandchildren do him own and how many son or daughter he has as well.

Sound interesting? Let try it out. You will be surprising that Prolog actually can produce quite a good window application.

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