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Monday, February 27, 2006

Memory Management Simulation

Year: 1999
Programming Language: Turbo C Ver 4.5
Source Code / Request Memory Management Simulation in C# : Email the author:
Application For Test: Download

This simulation is built in order to simulate the effectiveness of 3 type of memory management algorithm using in our OS in the “ancient” time. The first type is: “First-Fit algorithm.” (Please refer to your OS text book to know in detail.). Second type is: “Best fit algorithm”. The third algorithm simulated in this system is: Best First Fit algorithm which the author produced it by combining the advantages from the previous 2 algorithms. The simulation was implemented with a time unit where each random generated job has a certain size and time unit needed to be remained in memory.
In this simulation, several pre-defined size of memory segments were created initially. Each memory segment will have different memory blocks in size. Different algorithms will have different mechanism in choosing which memory segment to load the generated jobs in order to minimize the wasted memory blocks and have the most jobs loaded into memory at the same time. In other words, there will be minimum number of jobs waiting in the queue to be loaded. This is one of the best simulator has been built in DOS mode using C by the author. You perhaps can have a try and run the program in full screen DOS mode.

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