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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Multi-user Internet Duration Logging System

Year: 1998
Programming Language: Visual Basic Ver 5.0
Source Code: Lost
Application For Test: Download

This application is used to register the internet usage in term of duration and fee. Users to this system just need to perform some configuration for it to function properly. Configuration such as the connection cost per minutes, the local phone call per minute, user name and password (since the system support multi-user) need to be done.


Let user to record their internet connection time and tell them the amount that due in a certain date using “Search”.

  1. Show all the internet connection records that a user has been registered.
  2. Leave a message to other user as well as read message from other user when login to the system.
  3. System allows a user to check over other user account if the other user is allowing.
  4. User can choose whether they want to protect their login with password or not.
  5. The first user is default administrator and allows registering the other.

The application can support until 4 persons who are using the same PC to online using dail-up method.

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