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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Image Processing Research Journey Started ...

Year: 16 Jun 2007
Programming Language: Microsoft .NET C#
Source Code: Email author
Simulation Application For Test: Download

I always tell my friends that "Image Processing (IP)" technology can be translate as "The Ability For Machine To view". I considered it as 1 of the A.I knowledge in computer science and really interesting.

Below are some of the examples I did using C#. Below is the first example, which the example is research on 'Thresholding' technique (see Image [a]). In order to thresholding a color image, I translated the color code for the color image into a gray scale image first (see Image [b]) before doing any further filtering operation. The third example is doing the invert filtering (see Image [c]).

(Image [a] - Threshold Image Filtering Example)

(Image [b] - Gray Scale Image Filtering Example)

(Image [c] - Invert Image Filtering Example)

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