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Friday, May 23, 2008

Product Working In A Bioinformatics Company

Genseq is a start up company incorporated in Jersey (C.I.), which has been founded by two successful entrepreneurs to offer affordable genome sequencing and bioinformatics analysis of the resulting data. The first human genome sequencing was successfully complete in 2005 by the Human Genome Project, a US$3 billion public funded program and by Celera genomics, a private company at a cost of over US$300m. For more information, refer:

Product developed:
How is it useful?
# Connect with your relatives to record and track an accurate and up-to-date family health history.
# Find out which diseases and health problems run in your family.
# Discover if you or your family members are at risk of certain diseases - even one's that might otherwise not be considered by your doctor.
# Discover if you or your family members need a specific diagnostic test.

Latest technology developed:
Provided a plug in engine, that able to provide the system in your own site.
This is the example:

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