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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Electronic Machine Inspection and Verification System

Software and hardware design in optical inspection technology effectively prevent human error in product labeling process in a manufacturing system. This technology consists of camera, video card, computer and image processing software to replace human eye and mental comparison process(brain), which is known for not reliable and error prone for repetitive task.

This proprietary solution prevent human mistake happen at the source, verify the source input data in text form against with machine first output unit. Therefore, it totally eliminate possibility of catastrophic product scrap cost, quality and reputation loss. Other competitors system provide solution in the area of “verify ‘first output actual unit’ against subsequence unit”. This comparison method only good for solving mix device and product segregation after mass production.

* This project was awarded with entrepreneurship (CIP) grant by CRADLE in year 2007

Hardware setup environment:

Software interface screen shots:

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